Garment Magazine


After (almost) six months of working hard and running around like a crazy person, I proudly present you the cover of the tenth AMFI magazine and yearbook: Garment! In the first two months, all groups came up with their own magazine concept, from which a winner would be chosen by a professional jury. We were ecstatic to hear that our magazine won! The name changed from 'My Name Is' to 'Garment' and the magazine was tweaked, adjusted and expanded. Mean while, I have been working on the website with a group of six people. I have also been writing for the magazine, yearbook and the iPad magazine (available from the 1st of July).The magazine is being printed as we speak and currently we are all still working very hard to make the Garment brand one that will leave an everlasting mark on the world of fashion and independent magazines. If you are curious as to what the magazine is all about, you can stay up-to-date through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course the website, which is updated daily. 

Magazine in stores worldwide from the 6th of July. 

color extravaganza

Ph. from several Tumblr blogs, edited by me

Because it's almost summer and I could use some color in my life.