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After (almost) six months of working hard and running around like a crazy person, I proudly present you the cover of the tenth AMFI magazine and yearbook: Garment! In the first two months, all groups came up with their own magazine concept, from which a winner would be chosen by a professional jury. We were ecstatic to hear that our magazine won! The name changed from 'My Name Is' to 'Garment' and the magazine was tweaked, adjusted and expanded. Mean while, I have been working on the website with a group of six people. I have also been writing for the magazine, yearbook and the iPad magazine (available from the 1st of July).The magazine is being printed as we speak and currently we are all still working very hard to make the Garment brand one that will leave an everlasting mark on the world of fashion and independent magazines. If you are curious as to what the magazine is all about, you can stay up-to-date through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course the website, which is updated daily. 

Magazine in stores worldwide from the 6th of July. 

color extravaganza

Ph. from several Tumblr blogs, edited by me

Because it's almost summer and I could use some color in my life.

dans la maison

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Welcome to my humble abode, where Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe still live, where Wonderland becomes real, where cabinets are made out of magazines, where Paris meets Amsterdam, where Princesses roam and where books are everywhere. Welcome to my world.

best lovestory

Move over Romeo and Julliet: this six and a half minute love story beats you any day. Disney is THE best when it comes to bringing these stories to life and this animated short once again illustrates that. Combining computer-generated visuals with hand-drawings creates a beautiful version of a mid-century New York, where two complete strangers meet in the most unusual way. The simple construct is completely in black and white (with the exception of some red lipstick) and wordless, which I think adds even more to the romance of the movie. It's animation at its best, an art in itself. Enough talking, just watch this Oscar nominated jewel and see for yourself. No words needed, the story speaks for itself.


Ph. from several Tumblr blogs
Structure. Something that has been on my mind lately in all its forms. When I think about structure in my day-to-day life, I believe there is a serious lack of it. I would probably say I'm one of the most unorganized people you will ever meet. I always start out right with making all these beautiful lists (that I have to do all over again once I make a spelling mistake, because it has to look good for no particular reason), but when it comes to the point that it would actually be a smart move to utilize these lists they're nowhere to be found. Some goes for my keys, phone, jewelry, wallet and other very important stuff that I 'always keep in the same place' but somehow seem to disappear every single day (I can see my mum, dad and boyfriend nodding in agreement behind their screens now). However, when it comes to planning out my future and knowing what I want to do and how I want to do it, I'm pretty structured. I have always loved writing and fashion, somehow I always knew I would end up combining these two. When I was a year away from graduating from high school, I already picked out what I was going to study and which courses I wanted to take. So far, I stuck to this plan and everything is working out as I planned it. 
I have just started a half year course (also according to my original plan) at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and I must say that even though I just started, I can already say that it has got me thinking. Being surrounded by new people who all have the same passion but with such different perspectives is really refreshing. It really makes me rethink my view on fashion, but also how I look at myself and the world. In a way I feel like this course will partly be about finding out who I truly am when it comes to these aspects. Besides that, I'm also really curious and eager to learn all about magazine making. It's all very exciting, but in the very back of my mind I'm also a tiny little bit scared. Who knows what you'll find when you (partly) rebuild your structure...

close up/lauren conrad

The following person is someone you probably all know and even grew up with. Don't even try to deny that you watched 'Laguna Beach' and 'The Hills' and loved following all the love dramas, fashion dilemmas and 'best-friends-turned-enemies'. I know I did! Little did we know, that these reality shows were nothing but a sneak peek of what the future was holding for LC. From intern at Teen Vogue, to writing a book series, to designing, to having her own blog: it should be clear that there is more to this young women than meets the eye. This true California girl is much more than 'just a reality star': she's an entrepreneur. And there's nothing I love and look up to more than girls who take matter into their own hands and go after their dreams. A close up on Lauren Conrad, her latest projects and her view on fashion nowadays.

    I personally find it very interesting to see how the fashion world has developed in the last few years. It used to be something that was only for a very selected group of people that 'ordinary' people could only admire from a distance. Nowadays, especially thanks to the internet, everything is shifting. You are a fashion designer but also a blog owner, what is your view on these changes?
"I think it is wonderful that people are getting so into fashion and beauty and becoming so self aware. Blogs are amazing ways to get first hand information and with so many products on the market it's great to hear what people are talking about."

What inspires you in life (not only fashion- and beauty wise, but also in writing, your dreams and goals)?
"My family inspires me most to continue to work hard and do my best to achieve my goals."

Sum yourself up in five words.
"Workaholic, driven, creative, ambitious and loyal."

  Nowadays, there are a lot of new/aspiring fashion designers. Renown brands that have existed for ages are now taken over by young apprentices. What's your opinion on this season's collections?  Do you have an all time favorite designer?
"There are so many designers I truly admire and respect, both new and more seasoned. I can't choose just one! As for the new collections,I love the addition of color and prints to this years runways."

    Your latest project is your label 'Paper Crown'. Tell a little more about this label. What does it stand for? What can we expect?
"When I was a young girl playing dress up at my grandmothers house my favorite thing to make were crowns made from paper. When we began the line I wanted to bring that memory back so we called the line paper crown. It’s a line for girls to play dress up in a grown up world. I like the line to feature classic and modern staples with a chic and feminine twist."

What are your favorite guilty pleasures in life?
"Pizza and sleep."

Fluffy overload

Ph. private

Finally I have some me-time on my hands which includes watching 'The Carrie Diaries' (if you didn't watch it yet, go do it. It's great!), meeting with my friends and boyfriend, reading my favorite magazines and do some blogging (but I guess you already figured that one out yourself). Much needed me-time actually, since I'm starting school at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute on monday. I'll be studying 'Independent Fashion Magazines' there for six months, which sounds very exciting! One step closer....

photo log/january


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After being kind of M.I.A. from the blogosphere lately and having been very busy studying, working and spending the Holidays with my loved ones, I'm back for a new start. Hello 2013! So, what have I - in short - been up to for the past few weeks? 

1. Celebrating Christmas with family. 2. My outfit on the 25th of December. What's Christmas without sequins? 3. Hi :) 4. Very early breakfast in the Thalys to Paris... 5. ...To another Holiday celebration in Disneyland, one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I miss it already! 6. "Cheers!", NYE 7. My new dress, I'm in loooove 8. "Totes jel of my Chanel". How could I not re-gram this from The Coveteur?