close up/lauren conrad

The following person is someone you probably all know and even grew up with. Don't even try to deny that you watched 'Laguna Beach' and 'The Hills' and loved following all the love dramas, fashion dilemmas and 'best-friends-turned-enemies'. I know I did! Little did we know, that these reality shows were nothing but a sneak peek of what the future was holding for LC. From intern at Teen Vogue, to writing a book series, to designing, to having her own blog: it should be clear that there is more to this young women than meets the eye. This true California girl is much more than 'just a reality star': she's an entrepreneur. And there's nothing I love and look up to more than girls who take matter into their own hands and go after their dreams. A close up on Lauren Conrad, her latest projects and her view on fashion nowadays.

    I personally find it very interesting to see how the fashion world has developed in the last few years. It used to be something that was only for a very selected group of people that 'ordinary' people could only admire from a distance. Nowadays, especially thanks to the internet, everything is shifting. You are a fashion designer but also a blog owner, what is your view on these changes?
"I think it is wonderful that people are getting so into fashion and beauty and becoming so self aware. Blogs are amazing ways to get first hand information and with so many products on the market it's great to hear what people are talking about."

What inspires you in life (not only fashion- and beauty wise, but also in writing, your dreams and goals)?
"My family inspires me most to continue to work hard and do my best to achieve my goals."

Sum yourself up in five words.
"Workaholic, driven, creative, ambitious and loyal."

  Nowadays, there are a lot of new/aspiring fashion designers. Renown brands that have existed for ages are now taken over by young apprentices. What's your opinion on this season's collections?  Do you have an all time favorite designer?
"There are so many designers I truly admire and respect, both new and more seasoned. I can't choose just one! As for the new collections,I love the addition of color and prints to this years runways."

    Your latest project is your label 'Paper Crown'. Tell a little more about this label. What does it stand for? What can we expect?
"When I was a young girl playing dress up at my grandmothers house my favorite thing to make were crowns made from paper. When we began the line I wanted to bring that memory back so we called the line paper crown. It’s a line for girls to play dress up in a grown up world. I like the line to feature classic and modern staples with a chic and feminine twist."

What are your favorite guilty pleasures in life?
"Pizza and sleep."


  1. Love the interview!!! x Vivianne

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  3. Leuk zulke interviews! Ik vind haar geweldig :)

  4. Leuk interview! Lauren is echt een inspiratie <3

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