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Finally I have some me-time on my hands which includes watching 'The Carrie Diaries' (if you didn't watch it yet, go do it. It's great!), meeting with my friends and boyfriend, reading my favorite magazines and do some blogging (but I guess you already figured that one out yourself). Much needed me-time actually, since I'm starting school at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute on monday. I'll be studying 'Independent Fashion Magazines' there for six months, which sounds very exciting! One step closer....

photo log/january


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After being kind of M.I.A. from the blogosphere lately and having been very busy studying, working and spending the Holidays with my loved ones, I'm back for a new start. Hello 2013! So, what have I - in short - been up to for the past few weeks? 

1. Celebrating Christmas with family. 2. My outfit on the 25th of December. What's Christmas without sequins? 3. Hi :) 4. Very early breakfast in the Thalys to Paris... 5. ...To another Holiday celebration in Disneyland, one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I miss it already! 6. "Cheers!", NYE 7. My new dress, I'm in loooove 8. "Totes jel of my Chanel". How could I not re-gram this from The Coveteur?